ana vollwesen is an independent, intersectional queerfeminist artist living in vienna.

the unconscius markes the starting point. her artwork displays mostly inner processes originating from the unconscious, which can be best grasped through bright and intense colors, composited forms, variety of texture and non-conforming layering. the inevitable change of human beingness and their constantly evolving surroundings are the main topic of her artistic immersion. 

sometimes making bold statements by adding an optional layer to get closer to what art really could be in modern society, turning towards a feminist future. she loves linework as well as typography, sometimes using classic viennese expressions for fun.

the neon heartbeat of pop culture. her optimistic view of the world is clearly mirrored in her artwork themes. being influenced by the 80ties and the 90ties, ana’s artwork offers a bright and colorful imagery, highlighted by neon elements, different textures and variation of lines presenting the viewer a special form of excitement and asking questions like “What would Vultopia look like?” and “How many Genderexperiences are there?”.

superior robot, 2022
weekend trip, 2022
Space #2, 2023
Searching for Hope, 2022

Techno, 2023
handpicked, 2022
fings in place, 2022
my safe sweet space, 2023

“pop, neonfarben, detailverliebtheit, intersektionaler queerfeminismus, ur wienerisch, manchmal anarchie, dann auch geometrie, gerne ungewissheit, fix veränderung – aber immer große gefühle. eine interessentin hat meine bilder einmal beschrieben als ‘basquiat auf neondrogen’ , ein sehr schönes kompliment wie ich finde 💜”.

ana vollwesen

Rely, 2022
Vultopia, 2023

fem, 2022
Na gut, 2023
I don’t care, if you are famous, 2022 SOLD



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Das Rund, various Artworks, since April 2023, Lindengasse 1/12, 1070 Wien

Vyden Salon Vienna since 2022, ongoing Find out more

Pub Art Markt, 2nd April 2023, The Black Sheep Pub

New York, Times Square, 23rd June 2022 Find out more

Back to Life Exhibition by X Art Collective 23.10-30.12.2021, Osterstraße 48, 31134 Hildesheim Find out more

The Holy Art, London based Gallery, Virtual Exhibition “Phenomenon”, May 2021 Find out more

Style meets Art x VYDEN SALONS
Die Kooperation zwischen den VYDEN SALONS und der Künstlerin entstand aus gegenseitiger Wertschätzung und der Freude gemeinsam neue Wege zu gehen. In minimalistisch-stylischer Umgebung der Salons in Wien werden die knalligen Werke der Künstlerin präsentiert.

Alle Werke stehen zum Verkauf. Anfragen direkt im Salon oder per Kontaktformular (unten).

VYDEN 1040 - Argentinierstraße 20a
VYDEN 1060 - Otto-Bauer-Gasse 24

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i am enthusiastic about creative connections and out-of-the-box projects!